NW40 x NW40 x 1/8" Gauge Port Tee Stainless Steel


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350.00 Grams

We call this a Gauge Port T.  Essentially it is NW40 x NW40 flange with enough metal in between the (2) flange surfaces that can be then be machined to create a "Tee" style fitting.  We can machine in a 1/8" FNPT port (standard) which is used often by higher end vacuum gauges.  We can also create a 1/4" or 3/8" FNPT hole in this part.  This will be acceptable for most 0-30" Hg and thermocouple electronic vacuum gauges or for other demands.  We can actually change this slightly and modify this part to accept a 1/2" FNPT port.  We can also offer this in 6061 Aluminum or other materials.

100% Warranteed from defects in materials and workmanship.