Ripping Particles From Space: How Close Are We?

Oct 2nd 2018

We are familiar with E=mc2, but what did Albert Einstein really theorize with this? The thought that matter and energy are interchangeable is what he proposed, and we may be closer to it than we once … read more

​How HyVac Has Much Ado About Nothing (Part Two)

Sep 27th 2018

In the first part of this series, we navigated the exciting, yet still murky theory, of nothingness! Nothingness is vacuum energy that is far from nothing at all! Although space seems blank when we re … read more

​How HyVac Has Much Ado About Nothing (Part One)

Sep 27th 2018

Let’s get philosophical — what is nothingness? The concept of nothing has been hotly debated by great thinkers for thousands of years, but nothingness in physics may or may not be just as layered. Wha … read more

Why HyVac Vacuum Fittings Are The Industry-Leading

Jun 26th 2018

The manufacturing and sales of vacuum fittings and parts may not seem like an important business or even a relevant industry, but it is. Our vacuum pieces and parts, such as the nw25, nw40, nw50, nw16 … read more

Why American Made Matters

Jun 26th 2018

How often do you open up a product and upon inspection you notice that it’s made in China? Made in Japan? Made in Mexico? You get the idea. While the bottom line for most businesses is making a profit … read more